Thomas Lende Røed

Relational architect and COO in FuelBox. 

+47 908 03 933 //

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Thomas is keen to make leadership happen! How do we go from talking about leadership and understanding what we need to do to actually doing it. Leadership happens in the small actions every single day and does not have to be complicated. Thomas is particularly concerned with this in risk-prone industry where building resilience in teams and the ability to handle unforeseen events is important. With a background from the Norwegian Navy and the oil and gas industry, he has experience with management in situations outside of a safe office environment, and can contribute both as a facilitator and coach to initiate the absolutely necessary training on the exercise of management in practice.

What topic is Thomas talking about?

  • Build and develop trust in teams
  • Practical management in risk-exposed businesses
  • Interaction in projects
  • Practice communication and feedback
  • Building processes in a growth company

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