About FuelBox

What exactly is a FuelBox? A FuelBox is a small white box, filled to the brim with question cards. The questions are open-ended and act as a conversation starter between you and those close to you, your partner, family, or friends. Everyone needs to be seen, heard, and appreciated, and that is precisely why we believe that there is a FuelBox for everyone. By randomly picking questions from the box, you get to talk about things you might never have thought to ask, and before you know it, you’ve learned something new and exciting about each other! 

How it all started 

When FuelBox founder Berta Lende Røed became mom for the third and fourth time, she noticed that the great conversations she once had with her husband were replaced by couch-wearing in front of the TV and scrolling on her mobile phone. She missed the conversations they once had and how these conversations, which could easily last for hours, made them laugh and learn new things about each other. 

That’s when Berta started writing down questions. She wrote them down as she came to them and collected them in an envelope. The envelope was quite full when one evening she presented its contents, along with a bottle of wine, to her husband, Thomas. They started picking random notes from the envelope and ended up talking for hours – just like they had done in the early years. She understood that this was something all couples could enjoy and benefit from and decided immediately to quit her teaching job and explore how she could bring great conversations into the world. One year later, in November 2013, the FuelBox Couples was launched, and sales have been booming ever since. 

Present and future 
Today, FuelBox is a company with eight employees based in Bryne, Stavanger, and Oslo. We have created several conversation boxes in different languages with thousands of open-ended, conversation-starting questions. FuelBox is available both as a physical box in many versions and as a separate application. Common for the boxes and the app is meaningful entertainment at home, and trust and relational reinforcing tools for organisations, schools, and institutions. In addition to our tools, we deliver conferences, workshops, mentor and leadership programs to professionals to implement the FuelBox tool kit. Our goal is to “fuel” the whole world and we believe we are well on our way doing exactly that. 

FuelBox World