About FuelBox

FuelBox is a tool that rekindles the lost spark of connection, encouraging engaging dialogues that resonate deeply. Our journey began with a simple desire—to revive the authentic conversations that often get drowned in the noise of modern life.

Imagine a couple, once inseparable in conversation, suddenly finding solace in the glow of screens. This was our founder’s reality. FuelBox was born from a passion to reawaken those meaningful exchanges. A collection of open-ended questions carefully curated in a sleek white box, FuelBox empowers people to rediscover each other, fostering relationships that stand the test of time. In November 2013, the FuelBox Couples was launched in Norway and has since then scaled to many tailored boxes and a FuelBox App, available in 12 different languages.

How it all started 

Our founder, Berta Lende Røed, recognized that the need for genuine connection extends far beyond personal relationships. Every arena of life, including the corporate world, thirsts for the profound understanding that can only arise from meaningful dialogue. We believe in combating the rising epidemic of loneliness by facilitating intentional conversations, sparking connections, and nurturing understanding.

What sets FuelBox apart? It’s not just a product; it’s an experience. Each card, meticulously crafted, holds the potential to transform mere discussions into enlightening exchanges. By delving into various themes, FuelBox bridges gaps, whether in personal relationships, classrooms, teams, boardrooms, or even in hotel lobbies and restaurants.

FuelBox has transcended borders, finding its way into thousands of homes, schools, institutions, and workplaces globally. It’s not merely about the conversations themselves; it’s about how these conversations enrich lives and amplify the heartbeat of human connection.

In your hands, FuelBox becomes more than a product; it becomes a catalyst for change and development. Picture yourself together with your partner, family, friends or colleagues, engaged in vibrant discussions, exploring ideas, and strengthening bonds. You’re not just owning a box or an APP; you’re nurturing your relationships, one conversation at a time.

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