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We are on a mission to fuel the world with FUELBOX as the creative communication and relation catalyst that connect people face 2 face for great conversations that develop and strengthen people, relations and organisations through sharing, learning and new insight. Our values guides us and inspire all of our work with FuelBox and our concepts:

*Curiousity  *Courage  *Playfulness  *Synergies

We believe that every human have a fundamental need to be seen, heard and valued, and that this crucial in all of our relationships and in all the different arenas that we find ourselves. #fueltheworld

Every human have a fundamental
need to be seen, heard and valued

Through FuelBox, our talks and programs such as The Fuelgood Experience, we aim to inspire and bring great conversations into people`s lives to develop themselves personally and professionally through new insight and deep connections with others.

Berta Lende Røed
Founder and CEO

What started out with Berta missing the great conversations that she used to have with her husband, has resulted in a whole concept of many different FuelBoxes that you will find in thousands of homes, schools, institutions and corporate organisations all over the world.
Berta lives in Norway with her husband and four children. She has worked with communication in different organisations for more than 20 years. Today she is a public speaker and passionate about bringing great conversations into every relationship and arena of the world.

Tonje Flack
CMO Fuel It AS

Tonje is a public speaker and responsible for planning and implementation of marketing activities in FuelBox. She was born in 1980 and lives in Oslo with her husband and two kids. She has worked in sales, marketing and training in the pharmaceutical industry for 9 years and with implementation of the anti-bullying program Zero for the Learning Center at the University of Stavanger. Tonje has been with company from the start in 2013 and is represented at the board of Fuel It AS

Thomas Lende Røed
COO Fuel It AS

Thomas has the overall responsibility for developing and optimizing Fuel It operations national and globally, along with working closely with businesses through our professional segment. He is heavily engaged in ensuring the development and implementation of the company strategy to #fueltheworld. Thomas has a background from the Royal Norwegian Navy and BI Norwegian Business School. He has leadership experience from operations and projects worldwide through roles as naval officer, HR leader in pharma industry and managing logistics and marine operations in oil & gas. Thomas has been Chairman of our Board since 2013 and is now full time COO.

Anne Sophie Gjems
Project Manager

With 12 years of experience in sales and in developing salesreps and leaders in communication skills, Anne Sophie states that it was her eight years as a teacher in high school that really trained her as a leader. She believes that teaching is the most fun and challenging leader position you can hold!

Camilla Aune
Administration and clients

Camilla is passionate about our health, both physically and mentally. She has many years of experience in motivating and developing people for a better life quality. In our company Camilla is responsible for client contact and all the activities that comes with running a webshop. She is also our personal breathing, stretching and relax-instructor.

Mari Espedal
Strategic Business Partner

Mari is especially involved in developing and executing The Fuelgood Experience Programme. Mari has great international experience and over 20 years of significant leadership experience working in cross cultural corporate environments. She holds several international positions to help people reconnect to themselves and others, and also to understand their full potential and role by connecting to the power of authentic communication and values – both on a personal and corporate level. Mari has been on the Board of Fuel It since 2014.

Marie Øra Thorsen
Communications Advisor

Kjetil Gustavson
Business Development manager

Victoria Stensø
Head of Innovation

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