Anne Sophie Gjems

Relational architect and partner in FuelBox

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Anne Sophie had been a leader for many years, but found that eight years as a secondary school teacher really provided the tough leadership training. It gave an insight that curiosity really is a superpower! In her work as a relationship architect, she is concerned with creating arenas for conversations that would otherwise not take place. To make the work of building trusting relationships and psychological security a strategic priority. She creates enthusiasm for making room for good and important conversations, regularly and over time! Inspiration is important, but just as important is putting the inspiration in a structure that fits your organisation, over time.

What topic is Anne Sophie talking about?

  • FuelBox Activation – what, why and how?
  • Relationship-driven culture – what is it and how do we do it?
  • Psychological security in practice
  • Curiosity as a superpower – management and team
  • Trusting relationships in the classroom

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Anne Sophie radiates natural energy and conveys professional content with the right dose of humour. She dares to be personal and thus engages the audience. Anne Sophie contributed to a fantastic launch of the FuelBox Pareto Bank where she engaged and challenged us all. The result is that we have gained a good understanding of the power that lies in curiosity and good questions.

Tiril Haug Villum, Pareto Bank
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