Guides and instructions  

All our resources for companies and organizations in one place: Here you will find the information you need to get a great start with FuelBox and lots of inspiration to keep it going throughout the year. 

FuelGuide for FuelBox in business 

How do you use FuelBox in business and how do you ensure that it provides the most value for all involved? We have the guide and all the best tips for your organization. 

FuelGuide for pro users in the FuelBox app 

The FuelBox app contains thousands of questions and a tool kit for professional users in businesses and organizations. How do you get started and what is the best practice? We have the guide! 

TEDx Stavanger 

In 2019, FuelBox founder Berta Lende Røed appeared on a Tedx stage! Berta spoke engagingly about the value of curiosity and the great conversations 

FuelBox World