Let us tailor your own FuelBox

We can tailor a FuelBox to meet your specific need. This might be a totally new content or just your company logo on our existing FuelBoxes. We tailor boxes in close cooperation with companies, for internal or external use.

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Arabic boxes in UAE

We tailored FuelBox LEADERSHIP and FuelBox TEAM for Dubai government. These boxes are designed to fuel great conversations between leaders and colleagues to create a workplace where people collaborate, perform and thrive together.
These boxes are written in both Arabic and English languages and have been developed in close collaboration with Smart Dubai Office to embrace the value of, and their work on HAPPINESS and TOLERANCE.

Share, learn and create belonging in Atea

Through FuelBox ATEA EXPLORE, Atea wants to engage all employees in reflection and great conversations about important, meaningful, exciting, challenging and fun questions that make each employee, every team and the whole organisation better equipped to meet the future together.

Logo on Santanders TEAM box

When Santander gathered all employees at IT for a Nordic ONE TEAM, FuelBox TEAM created great conversations on all 30 tables! They now have these boxes in their offices to create ONE TEAM based on their slogans; building relationships, building competence and building bridges!

Employee – leadership and culture development in one box for The Norwegian Tax Administration!

The tailormade Fuelbox for The Norwegian Tax Administration contains 180 open ended questions divided into nine categories. Three of the categories are designed specifically for leaders and six categories are for all employees, including management. This box is ideal as a meeting starter, for team events, in management programs and in various network contexts.

Welcome to you new home

When Vestlands Hus and Gusterud Bygg finishes a home and the owners move in, they get great conversations as a house warming gift from their contractor! You gooa love this! A FuelBox COUPLES, FAMILY or FRIENDS will ensure great conversations in your new home together with Vestlands Hus!

Implement your strategy with FuelBox

When the biggest bank in Norway launched their new strategy, we tailored a FuelBox that could engage all employees in great conversations to create understanding, ownership and loyalty.

FuelBox to spark crossfuntional collaboration

To enhance the value of their initiative Purple Lunch; collegial blind dates, we tailored their own FuelBox to engage lunch buddies in relevant and fun conversation that spread from sharing personal stories to discussing leadership and innovation.

I have enough great conversations
Said nobody

Serve great conversations for their guests!

Petter Stordalen and his Nordic Choice Hotel’s Quality chain wants to be the Fun & Friendly alternative! They do not only give their guests great facilities, delicious food and comfortable beds, but also great conversations! That’s why we’ve tailored their own FuelBox so you can enjoy great conversations at all Quality Hotels in Scandinavia, whether you’re there with your partner, friends, colleagues, family or customers!

Great conversations for couples living with disease

Talking together is crucial and sometimes challenging in all relationships. What if you are in the middle of a crisis in where one in the couple is or has been seriously ill? Then the great conversations might be even more important and harder to get into. Together with Kreftomsorgen, CancerCare, we have developed a FuelBox for these couples. The content is the quality assured by Professor in Psychology and Couples Therapist Frode Thuen.
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Great conversations in the internal development program

For the BMW company Bavaria, we tailored their own leadership and team boxes to develop the culture of Bavaria. The questions in this box are in Norwegian language on one page and Swedish on the other in order to be used across national borders in the company.

You get the answers, emotions, and connections that you have the courage to ask for.

Asperger and Autism

Together with SPISS Competance we have developed a FuelBox for people with ASD who can have many different thoughts and challenges that can be difficult to find enough room and security to talk to others about. FuelBox ASD creates a setting with the open ended questions that can make it easier to talk about both fun, serious, difficult and important issues.

Innovation Norway got their own sustainability box

This FuelBox is specially developed for Innovation Norway, and designed to engage in conversations about strategy, innovation, business model, organisational development and, not least, sustainability in business. This box complements their Business Model Canvas and other tools that Innovation Norway use with their customers. The box can also be used internally in companies. The box is in both Norwegian and English !

FuelBox as gift for employees!

When the leader left the team, the farewell gift became a branded FuelBox FAMILY for everyone and a full day of inspiration and TalkShops with the FuelTeam!
We love this!

Professional boxes for Aker BP

Aker BP wanted their logo on all of the different professional FuelBoxes. The boxes will be used for leadership development, development of teams, employees and the Aker BP culture. Grood luck with all your future great conversations!

Wintershall DEA

The organisations Wintershall and Dea have merged and wished to use FuelBox to build their new, common culture. The result was branded versions of FuelBox TEAM and FuelBox RISK AND COLLABORATION. The organisation’s new values were printed on the boxes as a part of the branding. We contributed to the training of leaders and other key personell in the organisation to ensure the implementation of FuelBox as a tool.

Great conversations for the annual Christmas party

Z Event, a Norwegian event company, was in charge of organizing the annual Christmas party for Norwegian marketplace company Finn. They chose to brand FuelBox FRIENDS with the Finn logo in order to kickstart great conversations at the christmas dinner. Long dinners during the annual Christmas party is a great occasion for collegaues to get to know each other a little bit better! Hopefully this was just the start for Finn and FuelBox!

Great conversations for COOR!

Everything COOR does revolve around interactions between people and that is what COOR wish to be the best at! A variety of different professional Fuelboxes was branded with COORs logo. We got to work together with top management to ensure that the boxes could create as much value as possible at all of COORs different sites in Norway.

Builds a high-performance culture with bespoke FuelBox

Together with Bjørnson Psykologene and Skanem, we have developed a tailored FuelBox built on the pillars that ,according to research, are crucial to developing a culture of high performance. This has become a management tool to develop and strengthen people and relationships in the teams and to involve all employees in reflection and dialogue around the topics Skanem has defined as critical for success in the future. We have had digital leadership meetings around the world and look forward to following each individual leader’s experience with FuelBox in their country!

Hedin Automotive

When Bavaria became Hedin Automotive, they got new colleagues in Switzerland. The almost 5-year-old FuelBox BAVARIA was then translated into German and sent to Switzerland together with the Director of Culture and Communications to train leaders and teams there in line with the company’s original values ​​and focus areas! Incredible to see that good conversations never go out of date!

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