Contains 170 questions to kickstart great conversations that develop and strengthen youth and their relationships.
Through reflection and conversations about identity, relationships, values, feelings, opinions,
dreams, dilemmas and diversity, we aim to create psychological safety, understanding, tolerance, respect, new insights, understanding and community in a class room.

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What do you think it is like to teach in our class?
What characterize people who dare to be different?
How would you like others to describe you?
What can be challenging when arriving in a new country and culture?
What personal skills would you like to use more in school?
How do you think your posts in social media affect others?
Which living person is most inspiring for you?
How much co-determination do you experience in your own life?
How will your family describe you?
What characterizes a good teacher?
Pick a card
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The 170 questions in FuelBox YOUTH IN SCHOOL will kick-start great conversations to develop and strengthen young people and their relationships. Psychological safety, new insight, understanding and a sense of belonging is created through reflection and conversations about identity, relationships, values, feelings, opinions, dreams, dilemmas and diversity. FuelBox YOUTH IN SCHOOL is tailored to schools and is suitable for students aged between 13 and 19. The main purpose of this box is to create a great learning environment in class, while at the same time practice curiosity and communication skills.

For me, the purpose of education is to help young people
understand the world around them and engage in the world within them

The famous words from Sir Ken Robinson really outline the main purpose of FuelBox YOUTH IN SCHOOL .

FuelBox YOUTH IN SCHOOL has been developed by Fuel It AS in collaboration with Professor Hildegunn Fandrem at the Centre for Learning Environment at UIS, Smart Kompetanse, Cognitive Therapist Anne Marit Naustvik and teachers and school managers.

Categories in FuelBox YOUTH IN SCHOOL

  • Me
  • Me and others
  • Our class and school
  • Future and dreams
  • Opinions, attitudes and values
  • Source of inspiration
  • Diversity
  • Our society
  • Critical thinking and dilemmas
  • A bit of everything


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