FuelBox MENTOR (English) is for those seeking to explore and challenge themselves both personally and professionally, together with others. The box contains 176 open ended questions aimed at promoting reflection and facilitating great conversations on values, potential, opportunities and dreams, wherever you find yourself in life.


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What can you do immediately to make a positive change in your life?
How does it feel when you succeed or are able to master something important to you?
How do you view the difference between dreams and plans?
How big is the gap between the person you appear to be and who you really are?
When are you the best version of yourself?
What are some of the characteristics of people who inspire you?
In whose lives do you make a difference?
How can others help you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself?
How does your work situation affect your personal life?
How are you able to take someone else´s perspective and put yourself in their situation?
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FuelBox MENTOR can be used together with a mentor, a colleague, a good friend, or someone else you trust. The questions should be of mutual benefit and provide an opportunity to challenge, inspire and motivate both of you, and to share experiences, expertise and insights. .

FuelBox MENTOR is all about delving deeply into yourself together with others. It is about gaining a better understanding of yourself to help you interact better with others. It is about development to both feel and perform better. FuelBox MENTOR is developed in collaboration with several different

FuelBox MENTOR is developed in collaboration with several different professionals: Mari S. Espedal, Sverre Tyrhaug, Karina Hollekim, Daniel Massie, Cecilie Ystenes Myhre, Bianca Simonsen, Benja Stig Fagerland, Aiman Shaqura, Kristine Bull-Engelstad and Cecilie Thunem-Saanum. Google them!

Categories in FuelBox MENTOR:

  • Values Goals and motivation
  • Mindset and perspectives
  • Energy and inspiration
  • Relationships
  • Emotions and thoughts
  • Self-management
  • Health and lifestyle
  • Self-insight
  • Professional development
  • You vol. 2

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