How to use FuelBox FAMILY

FuelBox can be used by 2 or more family members together. FuelBox consists of 176 cards with open ended questions divided into 8 categories. If a question does not suit your situation, you can change the question or put this card aside. It may also be useful to rephrase some questions to suit the younger ones in the family.

A few tips from us to you

  • Put FuelBox FAMILY on the dinner table and pick cards when you eat together.
  • Bring FuelBox on road trips.
  • Bring the box on your cabin, vacation or when you visit others in your extended family.
  • Put the box on the table when grandparents are babysitting or when your own siblings, parents and in-laws are gathered in your home!

Ask follow-up questions

Can you tell me why?
Would you like to tell me more about this?
Would you like to explain this further?
What more can you say about this?
What do you think about this?

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