We believe that asking questions, to yourself and to others, is necessary for development. Through reflection and dialogue you get new insight. Through great conversations team spirit and cooperation are strengthened.
FuelBox TEAM contains questions that engage colleagues in sharing and learning. An opportunity to connect on a personal and professional level, by sharing stories, thoughts, feelings, knowledge and experiences with each other.
This creates a sense of belonging, trust and security in a team, the core of achievements and innovation in an organization.
FuelBox TEAM is developed together with organisational psychologist and leaders from the norwegian industry who have quality assured the content.

Be curious
Ask questions

Categories in FuelBox TEAM

  • Me 
  • Me at work
  • Our team
  • Communication
  • The working day
  • Vision, goals and value
  • Change, renewal and innovation


We have developed a FuelGuide for you with some great tips and advice on how to get started.

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