FuelBox for friends 

It is said that a good friendship is a conversation that never ends. Nothing builds trust and friendship more than sharing stories with each other and talking about all aspects of life. Both ups and downs, joys and worries. 

FuelBox is about sharing, learning, and laughing – and about developing and strengthening friendships! The questions, which have been specially developed to develop friendships, open up for new conversations on new topics between friends. During the conversations, we explore life together, and the answers make us laugh together, listen to each other, and gain new perspectives. 

Tip: Pick a card from FuelBox when your friends visit. Leave a card under each plate when you invite your friends over for dinner, or pack it with you when you go on a trip. Below you will find FuelBox Friends, as well as other FuelBox versions that create conversations between friends that would otherwise not take place. 

FuelBox World