Your digital FuelBox

We have developed a digital FuelBox that gives you even more great conversations! The digital FuelBox will by no means replace our physical boxes, but is an additional service when you do not have the boxes available or want access to more tailor-made questions and conversations than those found in our boxes. The questions are built around defined relations and relevant topics to enable you to find conversations adapted to whom your are with or what you want to talk about. You can change between the languages Norwegian and English directly in the app and get all questions in both languages. With this access to thousands of open-ended questions and continuously added conversations, you will never run out of conversation topics again!

There are two types of subscriptions; Premium subscription that you can purchase directly in the FuelBox app, and Professional subscription with tailored content for organisations and schools . To get an offer for a Professional subscription, please contact us at .

Asking questions and sharing with each other triumphs everything else when it comes to strengthening connections. Curiosity is also the main key to learning and development. What questions do we ask to have a great conversation with those we do not know? And what questions do we ask those we think we know everything about? Open your digital FuelBox and start a meaningful conversation today!

Create user here on our website
or download the FuelBox app in AppStore or GooglePlay.

  1. New questions and conversation packages every month
  2. Conversations for every season, holidays and relevant topics of our time
  3. Conversations for couples, families, friends, colleagues, youth, kids and strangers
  4. Exciting conversation packages developed by high profile people

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