FuelBox VÄNNER (Swedish language)
170 open ended questions that will kick off some great conversations with you’re friends!
Reflect, share and strengthen your relationships with great conversations fueled by FuelBox FRIENDS! For more information about the Swedish products, visit our FuelBox Sweden.

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FuelBox FRIENDS is all about sharing, learning, laughing and connecting! Great friendships thrive on this don`t they?
Explore yourself, life and relationships with the people closest to you with these open ended questions tailored to spark friendships.

I have enoughgreatconversations
Said nobody

A successful evening or trip with good friends is often a combination of good food and drinks, and fun, engaging and interesting conversations.
Place your FuelBox FRIENDS on the table when friends get together or bring it on your next trip together!

Categories in FuelBox FRIENDS

  • Opinions, attitudes and values
  • Me
  • Interests and recreation
  • Friendship
  • Work and career
  • Couples
  • The single life
  • Love, romance and sex
  • Family
  • Past, present and future

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