FuelBox TEAM (Norwegian language)
FuelBox TEAM is a leadership tool to strengthen team relations and performance. This box provide an opportunity to engage the whole team in reflection and sharing on both a personal and professional level.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Hvordan er du forskjellig, på jobb og hjemme?
På hvilken måte gir du anerkjennelse og ros til dine kollegaer?
Hvilke endringer vil komme utenfor organisasjonen, som gjør at vi må tenke nytt?
Hvordan tror du dine kollegaer beskriver deg?
I hvilken grad lykkes vi med å ta felles beslutninger i teamet?
Hvilke personlige egenskaper er du mest fornøyd med?
Hva gir deg mestringsfølelse på jobb?
Hva er en god kollega?
Hvordan legger vi som team til rette for at alles synspunkter blir hørt?
Hva er du skikkelig stolt av, men ikke tør skryte av?
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We believe that asking questions, to yourself and to others, is necessary for development. Through reflection and dialogue you get new insight. Through great conversations team spirit and cooperation are strengthened.
FuelBox TEAM contains questions that engage colleagues in sharing and learning. An opportunity to connect on a personal and professional level, by sharing stories, thoughts, feelings, knowledge and experiences with each other.
This creates a sense of belonging, trust and security in a team, the core of achievements and innovation in an organization.
FuelBox TEAM is developed together with organisational psychologist and leaders from the norwegian industry who have quality assured the content.

Be curious
Ask questions

Categories in FuelBox TEAM

  • Me 
  • Me at work
  • Our team
  • Communication
  • The working day
  • Vision, values and goals
  • Change, renewal and innovation
  • Happiness at work
  • Expect the unexpected


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