FuelBox NEW CITIZENS / NYE MEDBORGERE contain 171 questions to engage our new citizens in conversations where they can share and learn together through exploring different cultures and backgrounds. This is the box to spark new friendships, practice a new language and get new insight in their new country, its people, culture and traditions.

This box is dual language, with all questions both in Norwegian and English on each card.

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What rituals and traditions from home are important to you?
Who in your life deserves a big THANK YOU?
What would you change in Norwegian society if you had the opportunity?
What expectations are difficult to live up to?
What is the "strangest" thing that people in your new country do?
What events have influenced or changed you?
What traditions do we have in common?
What challenges have you been faced with in becoming part of a new culture
What do you think about exercising and being physically active?
What does 'respect' mean to you?
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FuelBox NEW CITIZENSE is a tool to engage our new citizens in meaningful and fun dialogue to create new relationships and practice their new language. The questions are designed to enable sharing of experiences, stories, thoughts, opinions and feelings between and with new citizens .

This to connect on a personal level and increase insight and understanding of each other's culture and living. In addition to valuable training in communication and language, this is a tool to learn more about the culture, traditions and way of living in their new country. 

Replace fear of the unknown in society, and the feeling that we know everything in relationships with curiosity

This box is developed together with Cognitive Therapist  Anne Marit Naustvik, Professor Hildegun Fandrem, Associate Professor in religious studies Dr. Gerd Marie Ådna and Loveleen Brenna, CEO in Seema AS.

Categories in FuelBox NEW CITIZENSE

  • Me
  • Family
  • Relationship
  • Values, meaningful and attitudes
  • This and that
  • School and work
  • Culture
  • Traditions
  • Norway


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