FuelBox BARNEHAGETEAM (Norwegian language)
This is the team box for colleagues in kindergarten. The questions are carefully picked to enhance collaboration and to address specific challenges and topics related to working in your kindergarten.

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How is it for you to respond to the childrens different emotions?
What is the most important thing we can do to help the children develope friendships?
If the children were in charge for one day, what changes would they make?
What life lessons do you find especially useful in your work?
Which crisis have you been able to laugh at after the fact?
What do you think is the most important thing we can do for the kids in our kindergarten?
What can we do tomorrow that we have never done before?
When you see a child doing something that you value - what do you say and do?
How conscious are we in kindergarten to use every day situations to help the children in their emotional development?
How have you been caught in the act?
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FuelBox KINDERGARTEN TEAM contains 171 open questions that will create great conversation between colleagues in an fun and engaging way. It is an opportunity to connect both on a personal and professional level. Share knowledge and experience through addressing relevant opportunities and challenges in kindergarten together. 

FuelBox KINDERGARTEN TEAM has been developed together with EQ Institute, www.eqi.no

You get the answers, emotions, and connections that
you have the courage to ask for

Categories in FuelBox KINDERGARTEN TEAM

  • Me
  • We and us
  • Me at work
  • Our team
  • Our children
  • Our days in the kindergarten 
  • Change and innovation
  • Vision, values and goals
  • Questions for parent meetings


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