Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters

The famous words of Margaret J. Wheatley. We love it of course!
But it is not that easy is it? To come up with the right question to ask or to create a setting for conversations that really matters?
Let FuelBox be both the setting and your question catalyst.

Fuel on the road

Going for a road trip with your partner, family or friends?
Bring your FuelBox and enjoy great conversations all the way to your destination.

Place your FuelBox on the family table!

Pick a card when you eat together. This is a perfect setting for great conversations.

Do you know what is sexy? A real conversation.

Bring your FuelBox COUPLE on date nights! 

…or on your next love trip!
This is when you have the time to really log off and log on to each other.

Human connection is the key to personal and team success


Next time your team is gathered, for lunch or a fancy dinner, introduce them to FuelBox TEAM.  They will probably learn more about each other in that hour than you could imagine!

I don´t love you because of the answers you give me, but for the questions you ask me

Great conversations outdoor?

You can bring you 550 grams of great conversations any where!
To a picnic on the beach, on a hike, when you go camping, on your boat or wherever you are together with people that matter to you!

Great communication is not something you get, it is something you practice…over and over.


Fuel Zone in your office!

Place your FuelBox at coffee machine in your office and encourage the employees to pick a card when they meet a colleague there.

Replace the fear of the unknown in society and the feeling that we know everything in our close relationships with curiosity

Bring FuelBox to your favorite place… 

Pick a question while you enjoy a great cup of coffee and watch the sunset outside on your porch or at the cabin. This is the perfect setting to close of the rest of the world and just be with the other person.

Great conversations on the next field trip?

Bring your FuelBox to the next field trip with your students, and let them learn more about each other, and themselves, while enjoying their lunch outdoor.

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