Great conversations eat tech for breakfast

I just love that sentence! There is a great focus on technology today! We should be in front with new technology. Or at least keep up with the technological development! We are given so many opportunities that we build not only our business models on technology, but also our personal lives!

The fantastic technology that we are surrounded with, has made the concept of distance very different. The world has become smaller and more accessable in so many wonderful ways. However, the question remains – has it brought us closer to each other? Has it perhaps brought us closer to everyone else except those closest to us?

These mobile devices we all are more or less dependent on, they not only change what we do and the way we do it, but they also change who we are. We are now used to be together, without being together. Today we hold our phones more than we hold each other, and we ask far more questions on Google than we ask each other!

At work, digital communication is convenient and can often be very effective, but in many cases it creates a distances between us, making processes even less effective and the people less engaged.
Connecting in the workplace is crucial to extract the potential of the individual employee and teams!

“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” 

Albert Einstein

All humans have a basic need to be seen, heard and valued – to know that we belong. Connections with other people is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.  And they are the very basis for how we are and we perform. At home and at work.

Brain research show that bringing people together face to face to share with each other, trumps everything else when it comes to developing and strengthening relationships between people. And especially effective is to share something personal with each other.
Sharing our stories with each other, our experiences, reflections, feelings, concerns and joys with each other creates presence, understanding, tolerance, respect, trust, community, belonging, and yes, even love! And if there is something we need more of in our our homes, schools and workplaces, it is these words!

In this digital age it is our responsibility going forward to make sure that the analogue and digital strengthen each other, not suppress each other. 

But how? How can we keep up the great conversations with our partner, conversations were we feel seen and valued? Or with our family? How can we create an organisational culture where we talk together, are curious and share and learn from each other? Where we feel safe enough to challenge status quo and bring new inputs and ideas to the table? How can we create an arena and a setting for reflection and great conversations in our busy day life? At home and at work?

FuelBox is all about connecting with people that matter to you. It is about engaging, being curious and sharing and learning. Through great conversations we develope and strengthen our selves and our connection and grow as humans. We gain new insight and new perspectives.

In the workplace FuelBox is also about getting to know each other better and about transforming the knowledge and experience that exists in an organisation through sharing and learning! These conversations create trust, team spirit and increase performance.
FuelBox is not new technology, it is more of an option to technology and its certainly a tool to create new technology by people for people! Great conversations eat tech for breakfast.

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